Courtney Sizemore | Product Experience Designer

01 Overview

The Product

A brand new application to be downloaded to the desktop of users of the Library Management System that would allow librarians to adjust all of the due dates of items currently on loan. 

My Role & The Team

As the Sr. User Experience Designer assigned to this project, I met regularly with our development team in the UK and our Business Analyst in office to do rapid prototyping and develop instructions on how to use the new app.

02 Defining the Problem

  • When the spread of COVID-19 began, libraries across the world had to close their doors to patrons. This left patrons unable to return books that had already been checked out and staff unable, for a time, to receive items back into the library. 

03 Defining the Main Problem

How might we help libraries around the world have control over all the due dates of items that were on loan before the immediate closure of their doors.

04 Designing the Solution

Designing for this particular project meant spending time with the development team and the product's business analyst to understand…

  • - The best method of quickly and safely deploying a computer application

  • - The requirements for Standard Interchange Protocol 2.0 (SIP2) connection from the application

  • - The types of failures that might occur during file ingestion

05 Delivering the Solution

Working at speed, the interactive prototype that you see here was constantly being refined, published, and refined some more. 

While working with the developers to refine the experience and interface, I also worked alongside the product's business analyst to proof the published instructions for how to use the app.


06 Testing the Prototype with Users

Unfortunately, due to the immediacy of this project, user testing was not an option. Normally I would say there is always time for testing but, global pandemic and all…😜

Evaluating the Solution

We were able to evaluate the success of the solution in real time after users were made aware that the solution was available. Thanks to my rockstar developers, we didn't have any incidents reported. As far as the user experience, we received the following comment on Twitter: